My name is Vasilis and I welcome you to my personal website.

I am a graduate of the Department of Electrical Engineering of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, located in Kavala. I was born and raised in the capital of Pieria, Katerini on September 10th 1986. I have studied English and I have a motorcycle(Category A) and car(Category B) driving license. I fulfilled my military obligations as a reserve with the rank of Second Lieutenant with the specialty of Anti-Tank instructor.

I have many interests and mostly have to do with technology. I work amateurishly and professionally with telecommunication networks, automation, electronics and electrical systems. I am an Amateur Radio Operator since 2004 with the Call Sign SV2KGL. Apart from technology, I also like excursions such as hiking and water-sports. I am a member of the Alpine Club of Vrontou Pierias and I was a member of Scouts of Greece from 1996 to 2005.

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2014 - Present

T.E.I. of Central Macedonia - Department of Logistics

The Department of Logistics of Faculty of Administration & Economics of Technological Education Institute(T.E.I.) of Central Macedonia is a Public Institute of Higher Education in Greece, located in Katerini. The duration of the programme is 4 years(8 semesters).

The aim of the Department is to provide high quality education in the science Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

2005 - 2013

Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology - Department of Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology (former T.E.I. Kavalas), is a Public Institute of Higher Education in Greece and one of the oldest departments of this Institute, started on 1976. The duration of the programme is 4 years(8 semesters).

Upon the completion of studies, the graduates acquired the necessary scientific and technological knowledge, skills and competencies on the subjects of distribution and transformation of electrical energy, high voltage technology, electrical machines, indoor electrical installations technology, renewable energy sources, control systems, electronics and communications and computer science.

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6/2013 - Present

Electro-net - Computer and Network Engineer

10/2012 - 4/2013

Olympia Electronics - Department of addressable fire detection and emergency luminaire control systems

7/2009 - 8/2009

Volteck - Assistant Electrical Engineer

3/2006 - Present

Freelancer - Website Development and Support

9/2004 - Present

Freelancer - Computer Technical Support

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image 1

Graduation Thesis: Construction IR detector for antitheft applications.

  • Good sense of organisation and team management.
  • Leadership.
  • English: Certificate of Competency in English - University of Michigan 2001.
  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux.
  • Office, Internet Explorer, Outlook.
  • Dreamweaver, Photoshop, CorelDraw.

image 2

  • Programming Languages: C++, Assembly.
  • Pulsonix, Electronic Workbench Multisim.
  • Website development and support.
  • Computer technical support, wired and wireless network support.

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Kakoulidis Vasilios

image Ath. Asteriou 38, 601 00 Katerini, Greece
image +30 2351 029 111
image +30 6937 165 295
image vasilis [at] kakoulidis.net

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